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December 06, 2012



It is wonderfully inspiring to read that you are feeling well. I wear a mask a lot too - more than I realize. When someone will say to me - "Are you alright? You did not seem like yourself." I will become aghast - my mask had fallen away and I was not aware. I want to be happy - on the outside and inside - but if I cannot then I will ACT like I am and maybe it will be true. I have also come to find that I can wish for a different life, but this is what I have and where I was meant to be. You are more than the sum of all of your jobs and titles and all you have done and all of your trials have prepared you for who you need to be today. You are never alone.


I needed to read this. Thank you. Sincerely.


Hope your new job is going well.

Bozoette Mary

You have made me feel happier just by writing this. Thanks.

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