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April 15, 2012


Kathy C.

Wait, what? Have I missed some thing??


I'm not sure what you think you missed, but I doubt if you've missed anything. Some days I'm hopeful about lots of things that might happen in the future, that's all. It's tiring. :)

Kathy C.

I see, now I understand. I thought you meant you all had another move in the works, possibly relocating to another city. I just wasn't sure. And, yes, it is tiring, isn't it. I really know what you're saying.


As for that - yes, we do have another move in the works. We're renting the house we're in and the landlord won't renew our lease when it's up on June 30th. We're not leaving town, but we do have to move, and I dread it. And thanks, Kathy.


I loved reading that you're hopeful! And I'm so glad nice things are happening to you and your family, Jessamyn. I have enjoyed your blog for many years and you've given your readers so much through your amazing, thoughtful writing that I'm glad to see it coming back to you manyfold.

Heartiest congratulations on the new house, and thanks for posting the renovation pictures. There's nothing more fun than seeing a house being transformed by its new owners. Especially when all that hard work is being done by someone else! ;^)

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