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March 01, 2011



It's possible that the folks reaching out to you feel just as lost as you do, sometimes. And they may be trying to strike up a conversation beginning with something they think you might have in common. It feels like it's much harder to make real friends once you are out of college. Work friends don't seem to "take" -- church friends remain primarily church friends. And that's not to denigrate those acquaintance-type friends -- it's nice, too. But there are only a few people that you feel like you could call up and say, I just feel sad today. Are you free for lunch? I wish I didn't live states away from you -- I'd invite you out for lunch and maybe we'd bring our cameras and try to find some beauty to capture.

I know it makes a huge difference *choosing* to be a SAHM vs. circumstances placing you in that role. It seems like so many things in life are about an elusive sense of balance. Wanting time with loved ones, but also craving time alone. Wishing for success in roles that society places its stamp of approval on, while not wanting to be trapped forever in one place or one role.

I'm sure I had a point. . . hopefully some of this is coherent. :-)

May God's blessings be upon you and your family.

~ Laura


Aw, Jessie. I wish we were in the same place so I could take you out for coffee and cake and we could talk about books or films or celebrities or people-watch but NOT talk about anything to do with the world of work. (I hope that doesn't sound weird and stalkery!) I really feel for you - I went through a really difficult career phase a couple of years ago, and one of my best friends is going through one now - we're both constantly astonished at the extent to which it can knock your confidence and sense of self, even if you didn't like your previous job that much.

Sending you lots of love - and know that some random out on the internet whom you've never met thinks you're marvellous.


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