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March 07, 2011



I've been following you off and on since Rob R-H linked to you way back in the olden days of the web. You and Geoff weren't even engaged then, and your entry recalling your trip to meet him gave me the courage to go meet my own internet boy in person :) (To whom I've been married for over seven years!)

I love reading about your life and your family. Your honesty and willingness to share even the bad parts of your life are what keeps me coming back.

Carrie Spritzer

7 years old?! That is so not possible! How did those years go by so fast?!?!

And email sent... Happy birthday, Katie!


I would love to be able to keep reading. Your writing is beautiful.


I would love to continue reading, and am glad to hear that you're feeling better today. Also, Happy Birthday to Katie!


I'd love to continue reading as well. It's so hard to believe that Katie is 7! I'm another one of those who has been reading forever - funny how it doesn't seem like that much time could POSSIBLY have gone by.


Oh, I'd love to continue reading--I remember when you were pregnant with big-girl Katie!

What Kelly said above: "Your honesty and willingness to share even the bad parts of your life are what keeps me coming back." YES!


I have always enjoyed your writing and would like to continue to read your blog. Katie is beautiful!



Please add me to the list. I'm a long-time lurker who loves your writing.



As a long time reader, I always enjoy your writing and am often touched by and can very much relate to your honesty of emotions. We finally were blessed with a baby girl (after 13 years of trying) soon after you had Katie. I am now a stay at home mom with a doctorate in history. I love this life but, like you, sometime question the how and what of my life. Thanks for bravely expressing yourself. A Blessed Birthday to Miss Katie!


Hi Jessamyn, I also second that you are an amazing writer. I also lurk and would love to read what you have to say somewhere else if you go. I admire your honesty when you write very much. It's an inspiration 8-)


Hi, aaoxinio! Thanks! If you'd like to be included, I'll need your email address. (If you'd rather not leave it here (although if you do leave it here, it will only be seen by me), you can email me directly.

Thank you to everyone else, too - I've added all of you to my list of readers. :)

Tara (formerly Anelie)

Hi there! I, of course, definitely want to be added to your list. I've been reading you for years.


I'd love to be added to your list. Have been reading a long time.


I found you and Rob through Erin and have been reading since before you all had children. You take beautiful photo's and I love your writing. Please include me ! Thanks for starting to write again, I was wondering what happened to you.


Include me too! My daughter just turned 7 as well, and I found your blog some sleepless late night right after she was born when I was a stay at home mom myself for a short stint and discovering blogs!

I can't believe its been 7 years!


Long-time reader here. Add me to the list!


Hi Jessie, I'd love to keep reading - please add me to the list!

Amy Casey

Hi, I'd love to keep reading as well. Thanks!

Mary Wise (Bozoette)

I, too, have read you for years, ever since I found you on Diary-X (or Diaryland? I forget!) I made some origami cranes for your wedding because I was so taken with your honest writing. I would love to remain on the list. I hope I'm not too late!


Definitely not too late, Mary! I remember you from all those years ago, and appreciate both you reading and the cranes. :)

As far as I'm concerned, there's not really any such thing as "too late." I'm not going to pull down this site - or at least I have no plans to - so anybody can comment here, and I'll add them to the list at that time.

Thank you so much, all of you. I really appreciate you and your comments.


Hi - I'd like to be added to the list as well. I've been reading you since before you had Katie but never commented before (I guess I'm a lurker at heart). I love your writing and the honesty with which you present your life. I would be honored to continue reading.


Please add me to the list!

Dabney Ring

Hi Jessamyn. I would really like to keep reading you as well.




Hi Jessamyn, I'd love to keep reading. I've also been reading since before Katie was born. (On a side note, I'm in a similar professional (lawyer-not lawyer) and career-crossroads situation.)

p.s. whoever left you a judge-y comment is a big stupidhead who needs a smack. I volunteer.


Julie D.

Please include me; another lurker. I have been reading since before Katie was born.

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