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December 08, 2010


Martha-Lynn C.

I often think the same things, Jessamyn. I've also got the extra added stress of the fact (and maybe it's this way for you, too?) that while we can get by on Jason's salary, we'll never be able to save much or get ahead unless I go back to work at least part-time. Like you, I feel burned out on my former career, so I'm also at sea about what the next few years will hold. I wonder whether my children will be grateful that I stayed at home or only worked part-time, or whether they'll be bitter that they have to take out student loans and won't receive a financial leg up on life. It's difficult stuff, at least for me.


Please keep writing about the workings of your mind and keep posting pictures. Your silence had left a space.


Jessie, I am glad you are writing regularly again. I missed you. I checked your blog regularly.

Our daughter is grown now, with a toddler and a husband and a desire to go back to work after 5 years off. She's not getting calls back. She regrets leaving her position before the baby. She's afraid she will never work again.

I can't tell you how familiar this is. I worried this bone in my day. Many of us do, and did. All I can say is trust your gut and one day you will look back and realize you made the best choices you could at the time. That's all you can do.

As a meme for the day, you are the 3rd person this week I have come across who trained and passed the bar and hated lawyering.

I'll check back in a day or two. See you then.

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