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February 03, 2010


Beautiful. I needed to read this today.


This is lovely.


I'm convinced that a happy and contented life is often a matter of surrender rather than for ever seeking control. My own life experiences have shown me that whatever plans I may have had God, (or the cosmos), thought otherwise. I'm glad you have found some peace.


I read a bit of this before leaving for work and thought about it all the way in. I'm so glad no one was hurt and what a great blessing that the insurance coverage will be such a help. In the interim, are there pieces of music that Geoff needs that perhaps other musicians might be willing to donate? (Many folks end up with extra copies of things and just never get rid of them.) I'd be happy to post something to my Facebook page (I know a lot of musicians) if there are specific needs and a place to send things. . . Or I can just pray for you all and send gigantic virtual hugs.


I, also, needed to read this today. Thank you for your insight. I hope that I will find peace in the uncertainty soon too.


After reading your post, I went to get Stumbling on Happiness. You are an inspiration.
Keep on writing!


Jessamyn, well said. Thanks for sharing this. I agree with your thoughts about peace & am so happy for your epiphany. I'm also sorry for the grief you & your church family are experiencing.


i have told myself to live in the now so many times. but it wasn't until i just read what you wrote that it clicked. thank you so much writing this... and all that you write. i, too, needed to read this today.


I just stumbled onto your blog because I just saw the St Olaf choir (in a different city) and was googling "This House of Peace" to find out more about the composer - the link to your blog came up and I clicked on it. But there are no accidents - I guess I was supposed to read this today. You have described my life in this post. Everything you have been struggling with has been my struggle too. Beautiful words. I will not forget any of them. Thank you.


Thanks so much, everyone. And Melody, how wonderful and amazing! (Although not so wonderful that you've been having such a struggle - that part sucks, but at least if it's similar to my struggle, then you're healthy and loved. I hope you're feeling ok today.) You're very very welcome. Thank YOU for commenting.

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