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February 16, 2010



The prayer shawl sounds like a lovely idea and I can imagine what a comfort it is. So is having precious children to share our lives with. As usual, you beautiully described one of those quiet moments we all experience as parents. Oh how I remember when my girls were little poppets like that ... now they're big poppets. :)


Beautiful. Just that.

I've been reading you WAYY before Katie was born, before you and Geoff were married. Yet, I've never commented before.

I have to this time.


Dear girl,
I have been reading your posts for years. Your life has been far from easy. I have two young kids too and know how difficult it can be. I know about financial hardships and worries in the night. I think you are depressed. I have sought help and am not ashamed to say so. If you are not I think you should too. The light will come back. I promise you.


That made me cry! I am a mother to a three year old and finally expecting my second child after suffering a terrible miscarriage and waiting so long to have conceived that pregnancy. I had been reading your blog for a while and as I went through my ordeal I thought of you often and your braveness to write it all out. Now I read this and know that in time I too will be looking at our sons little sibling and teary eyed w/ gratefulness. Your writing is amazing and touching and I would read any book you write! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself on your blog.




I love this. How beautiful!


Thanks for the comments, everyone. CanadaSteph, if you happen to read this, I'd be curious to know which part of this entry made you think I was depressed - or was it previous entries that gave that impression? (It's certainly true that I've been depressed on and off recently, especially over the last year - now more - of unemployment, but I was feeling pretty good about my life and myself when I wrote this particular post.)


Aww, I feel that same way sometimes with my daughter. She's so herself that it makes me want to squeeze her and spin around in circles with her. I wonder if that feeling will ever change.

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