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April 06, 2009



Oh, I *so* understand where you're coming from. When I sorted out Noelle's onesies that had gotten too small and found the green one in which she came home from the hospital, I had tears rolling down my face. And then I found the shirt they'd put her in in the hospital. And the hat. And I cradled all of these precious things that were my most precious little girl's first possessions and then tucked them away for her memory chest.

Those receiving blankets, though, they're still getting a good workout at our place!


Not ridiculous at all. Locked within those fibres is an important and happy chapter in your life. Even if you don't intend to have more children, my advice would be to keep a few of your favourites packed safely away somewhere if you can. They're a lovely reminder to look back on (the advice of a highly sentimental soul)!


Just yesterday I was sorting through some of Sam's already-outgrown clothes. He's four months old and into nine-twelve months size...yikes. That means he's essentially through with all the gender-neutral stuff we had left from Charlotte...and oh the memories and emotions as I packed those little yellow and green sleepers away! I completely understand your feelings!

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