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January 29, 2009



Oh, how I hear you. I was laid off two weeks ago, with no notice (though a small severance package). My family's insurance was through my job, and my husband has a chronic disease. I'd just been starting to feel as though we were on solid financial footing; we'd just started to make improvements to our 130-year-old house.

And now? I don't know.

But what I do know is that I love my family, and that somehow we will get through this difficult time.

And posts like yours remind me that we are not alone.


I think you absolutely hit the nail on the head with this one. I found myself kicking our snowblower last night I was so frustrated with my car, our garage, our house, the long work hours and yet I also was thinking to myself - I need to think about how these are good things as well. That we'll get through the money problems and barely making ends meet and robbing Peter to pay Paul. Thanks for putting it out to read. That's why you have always rocked, Jess. I'm sorry about the job loss. Hopefully this means that something better will come along. My fingers are crossed for us all. Best, Jen


It is so wonderful to read your words again! I agree with you, we must take time out to adjust that lens for the very reasons you said - one day we'll look back on it with some fondness. We should certainly strive to enjoy the sweet, precious parts of it now.

I'll keep your family in my thoughts & prayers...
Thanks so much for the update!
All the best to you,


I'm so sorry that things are rough for you all right now. I believe great things are in the future for you and your wonderful family.

Michelle O'Hagan

Your friend Erin Shea Smith posted this entry on Facebook. Your experience nearly mirrors my own: Two adults, a 2-yr-old boy, a 3-yr-old boy and a cat, all living in a 900 sq. ft. condo with, ahem, issues. No storage. Street parking. Three closets in the whole place (none is a walk-in). Our plan was to sell in 2010 when, of course, we'd have a LOT of equity in the place (not so much, as it turns out). I still have a job that I love, thank God. But, it is SO great to be reminded of the fact that I have so much for which to be thankful. An awesome husband, two kind, funny, polite little boys. And a kitty who's been a companion for nearly 15 years. Yes, life is grand. :-)


I wrote about this myself today. And I feel the same. I always feel like I should be further ahead than I am at this age. But we are where we are, and we are what we are, and maybe we've just been on the path to where we really should be. We just haven't quite made it thee yet, but we will.



You could not have written this without an admirable self-awareness, maturity, and wisdom. It takes some people their whole lives to find this place. (I know it's not always possible to be/stay in this "headspace".)

If you can think of a way your readers can be of any help (or me in particular), please let us know.

My little girl is ~ one month younger than Katie, so I've always enjoyed your stories and descriptions. Sometimes I call her "destructo girl" because she spreads chaos throughout the house. But someday when she is a teenager barricaded in her room talking on the phone to her friends (or off to college -- sniff), I'll look around and miss the days of puzzle pieces and dolls and broken crayons littering the living room.

God Bless and T.G.I.F.,



I've been reading you for several years and have always enjoyed your writing style- have you ever considered trying to make a go at freelance writing? Your voice is one that strikes a chord- completely relateable and unpretentious but still very...what's the word...'good' is the best I can come up with.

I will be praying for you- we live in France, and when we got here in 2002, a euro cost us 87 cents. Now it is almost 1.30, which seems awful until you realize that at its worst, it was almost 1.60. Our $3500/mo salary for a family of five was only worth 2100 euros and our bills added up to around 1800. But you know what, God takes care of things in that strange way that can only come from Him. You're not alone- and, as you said, those times *are* times we reminisce about things bc without them, our family wouldn't be who we are. We wouldn't be as close as we are and I don't think I'd trade that for security and certainty.


What I love most about this is you give yourself credit for being a great mom. I so struggle with this and end up feeling like everything I do is just mediocre. I need to follow your example.


Hi Jessie! I'm so glad you are in a good place mentally. The new baby is simply a dream. I love that despite all the stuff going on in your life you still make delicious food for your family and dive into every experience, taking pictures to boot. You keep it up mamacita! And I know you will find a great new job!


I'm convinced that the secret to life, the universe and everything is to allow yourself to see and appreciate what you *have*, rather than to hanker after what might be. Your appreciation for the shared love and health of your family, together with the comforts of your home, no matter how humble, will help to pull you through the tough times ahead.


Oh aren't you wise! I hope that I can follow your lead, of course we all have things for which we should be - not just grateful, but unbelievably lucky, beyond words. It's so hard to see past the lack of sleep and the frustration this time and I'm glad that you wrote this, like I can't even say, so that maybe I can remember this. Maybe when I'm feeling low, I'll make pudding and think of you! :)


This is beautiful, and beautifully written. I hope you won't find it creepy or offensive when I say that I've saved or bookmarked so many of your blog posts-- posts years and years old-- and I definitely need to save this one, too. It captures so exactly some of the things I've bee thinking and feeling lately.

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