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November 18, 2008



I find for sleep-deprivation related first year suckage, I have to keep in mind that it is just short periods of time that are really bad. Because there is such joy, too. It's all such a paradox right? Wanting them to sleep and then missing them when they sleep. I know that we will look back on this time and laugh/look fondly/insert cliche here but it is very hard to believe sometimes.


Jessamyn, I have been reading your writings & looking at your pics since before Katie was born. I have only commented once, and really feel the need to say something this time. I can relate to what you're saying about your life. It is an almost daily struggle to appreciate all of my joys in spite of the (mostly financial) worries in my life. Thanks for posting about it. And as for the compliment the co-worker gave you - I couldn't agree more. You write with such a beautiful perspective. I love your 'voice'. And I think your pictures are beautiful, as well. After looking through your pics, I come away from it having felt deeply & thought deeply about something you've captured. Thanks so very much!


Hon, the job thing will get better; so will the money thing--right now, you're viewing everything through the lens of not enough sleep, and that makes things appear worse than they are.

Can you take a day off from work, huddle up in a hotel (or on a friend's couch), and get a whole day's worth of snoozing and resting in, perhaps? I'd offer you my couch, but then, I'm in California, and that's probably a bit far to travel on the el.


Anybody who tells you that you can't write...clearly can't read.

You rock.
Hang in there, Jessamyn.

(don't know if you remember me, but a long lonnng time ago, we sent a couple e-mails back and forth about obscure '80s songs. General Public, I think? It's been a while. But I've been reading.) :O)


I feel like you jumped into my skin or walked a mile in my shoes, whatever you want to call it.

You expressed what I've been trying to for the past week or so, just a whole lot more eloquently.

Here's to being conscious of perspective and appreciating what's good in life. And knowing that there are others out there who can relate.


I hope this finds you well, Jessie. I hope you are settled into being a mother of two, getting plenty of rest and time for yourself and finding your way and that there are many, many more good hours/days/weeks than bad.

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