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May 17, 2008



Ooh I am crying! I was just where you are a few months ago. My son was younger than Katie, just 2.5, but he's doing okay with his new sister, who he just calls 'baby'. I wish you luck and I hope it's soon so that you can stop being so uncomfortable. I found so many things easier with my second, I hope you do too. Your experience with Katie meant so much to me when my son was teensy. I remember telling my husband when my son was very small about how you read that newborns are neither loving nor lovable. We used that as a MANTRA the first few weeks. So thanks! And good, good luck!


I loved reading this post. Glad to hear everything is on track and you're doing well. Fingers crossed for a short labor and easy delivery, Jess! Good luck and try to keep us posted to the extent that you can.


I am so excited for you, Jessie, and can't wait to hear stories about your new little one and how Katie is adjusting! How great that you get to take a lot of time off before the birth to relax and get everything ready and be with Geoff and Katie for a bit. Here's wishing you a short labor and a quick delivery.

And if you remember (or not) the few times that I commented on how excited I was for your pregnancy: Guess what? I'll be re-reading your blog to see what awaits me in December, because (tadah!) that's when my baby is due. Yay!


Thanks, you guys. But oops! I didn't mean to give the impression that I get to take a lot of time off before the birth. I'm expecting to take off the entire months of June and July as well as part of August because my due date is at the end of May! So if all works out as planned, I won't really have any time off before the birth at all. Other than Memorial Day weekend, I guess. And congratulations to you on your own pregnancy, Charlotte!


I can hardly wait for you guys! And for us!

I totally get what you are saying about loving, and wondering, and knowing that the love will be there.


Congratulations to you and your family! I am excited to hear all about the new baby once the baby gets here!


Yay! So glad to hear from you.

Hang in there these last few days. I know that's easier said than done...


It's so wonderful to hear from you! I'm so glad things are progressing well. I'm really looking forward to the birth entry! :D Take good care, and HUGS. xoxo


PLEASE DO NOT KNEEL. There is nothing on the floor you need! I'll GET IT FOR YOU!!!!


Ah the home stretch... isn't it cool? I'm so glad you posted again before the birth! Good luck!


I know exactly how you feel..... My due date with #2 is TODAY and I am READY-READY-READY for him to come out and become a member of our family. It's exciting and also a little frustrating, I have no control as to when it will actually happen.

Good luck to you! I hope your baby comes on the due date - Only 12 more hours of my official due date, then he's royally late!


Congratulations on your precious new baby!!! She's darling :)

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