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December 08, 2007



Time to buy some stock in Kleenex, hm?

No, really. I'm sending you lots of happiness and sparkly night and the hopes that number 7 occurs much, much more than number 6.


I am a crier not pregnant but pregnant I am a MESS, like, all the time. I cry during football games, the Amazing Race, at doctor's appointments, etc. etc. I've gotten to the point where I'm not even too embarrassed about it anymore.


Glad you're writing, no matter how sporadic.


I'm 17 weeks today, and I am so weepy at everything, it's silly. I cried at the end of Meet the Robinson's yesterday. I cry whenever I sing holiday songs, I cry when I get to a good part of my book. I'm with you and the weeping, for sure!

Glad all is going well, and i look forward to comparing notes as we both progress toward chlld #2!


Nice post. I especially like the lesson from ER. I remember realizing the same thing, while drowning in a swamp of depression once, feeling wimpy because I knew I was a strong swimmer (so to speak) but I just didn't have the will to swim. It suddenly occurred to me that there is another kind of strength that I COULD use and that is LUNG: I could yell for help. The reality-translation of this over-extended analogy is this: I picked up the phone. Over and over. I called everyone who loved me and was able to listen to me admit how bad I was feeling. It helped. A lot.

I wonder if the purpose of pregnancy hormones like you are experiencing might be to cause you to build up a good strong support system? You're going to need it when the baby comes, right?

Handing you virtual tissues...

Thanks for sharing your story.


i am laughing so hard right now, but only becuase i completely understand.
i cried at Deal or No Deal tonight. WTF????

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