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November 07, 2007



I've read your blog for a long time (although I can't remember if I've ever commented), and wanted to wish you congratulations on your new news... and condolences for your losses earlier this fall. I'm glad for the cautious optimism... it's the best way to be.
And, we're due a couple of days apart - I'm expecting our 2nd on 5/26.
So, a cautiously optimistic congratulations to the 4 of you... I look forward to more updates when you're ready to share them. I'm glad to know someone else out there who's due in late-May, as well.


None of your feelings sounds ridiculous to me. Honest, and understandable, and relatable. And I'm glad you're still able to believe in that miracle.

Anne L.

Jess!!! I'm so happy for you!


So happy for you. Truly. I'm going to believe right along with you.


Thinking good thoughts for you all the time!


I'm so happy for you, Jess! Sending all kinds of positive mojo your way. And I'm so sorry for your loss. Keeping Stephanie alive in your memories is not the same as having her with you, but I hope it brings you some comfort.


When I was pregnant the first time, I remember I went to my baby shower and I could feel all the love in the room for that baby! I could feel it in my belly and in my head and my heart. Now I'm pregnant for the third time and hoping to have my second baby in January and I know just what you mean about being so, so nervous and scared to just ... be happy and to trust that it will all work out. But I can still feel the love for this baby and I hope you know that I am sending the love to your baby and your family and hoping that it all goes swimmingly.

Chicago Chick

For some strange reason I decided to check out your blog to see how you were doing. The last time I stopped by it was May/June of this year and you were going through a rough time. I am so happy for you and I sending good vibes your way.


I believe in it for you and for myself. Life is indeed miraculous. I've been thinking about this very thing myself lately.


I'm so so happy for you, yet so sorry for your loss. Love & comfort to you and your family.


I just wanted to check in and say that I hope that everything went well at your ultrasound.


Hope everything's going well over there!


Everything hunky-dorey with you? Are you feeling okay?


I too was wondering how you are doing...

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