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September 11, 2007


Shani Ferguson

That is so lovely, it made me cry. From the loveliness.


It is those rare moments that touch us so much that make this life such a lovely lovely thing. I find that I'm lucky that I see many of those moments in my life. It's obvious that you and Geoff do as well. Thank you for sharing those with us. What a beautiful song.


I think I would like to wear Katie's outfit to work one day, except it wouldn't really fit me. But it's perfect on her. Thank you for this post.


There is nothing like getting out of town to improve the soul. Sounds like a wonderful couple of days. Lovely entry and great photos. Katie is absolutely adorable. Thanks for writing again.


This is a beautiful post, and it sounds like a lovely and necessary vacation. I'm glad you're back on your blog.


Beautiful entry. We're getting quite attached to our copy of Elizabeth Mitchell, too.


You are such an inspiration--the weekend sounds like pure, sweet bliss! Love the song and will definitely include it in the playlist for our wedding.


Damn you, woman! Stop making me cry in front of my children! Achingly beautiful, as usual.


You take the most lovely photos. And seeing the world through your camera lens and your words always makes me feel. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but always, always I feel. Not everyone has that kind of gift.

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