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January 03, 2007



What a sweetheart. You are raising a wonderful daughter.


Katie rocks. Aren't children wonderful--how they remind us of the simple thing that really matter?

Jason Falls

"You are my sunshine" was the song my mother sang me to sleep with. I use it on Grant.

Of course at almost two, he stops me at "my only sunshine", grabs both cheeks and says, 'No ... HO HO!' So then I start in with "Santa Clause is coming to town ..."

Kids! Love 'em.

Janet in Bakersfield

I sang You Are My Sunshine every single night to my two sons for years. It plucked at my youngest son's heartstrings and became so emotionally touching to him that when he got older, it would make him cry! He's 18 now...I should test it out and see if it still has that same affect on him... lol


What a beautiful moment! I particularly love the creative lyrics my daughter Olivia comes up with when singing along to music. Cracks me up!


Are you not updating anymore on this site?


Are you not updating anymore on this site?


I intend to continue updating on this site, occasionally and sporadically, as usual. It's only been 2 weeks since my last update - not exactly a record for me! :)


Sorry..didn't mean to sound as if you never update :) I guess ever since the sensational "Ball-yations" video I have been waiting for something else to hear about and love!


A wonderful album made better when the baby starts singing along!

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