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December 14, 2006



Her hair is so dark! And I LOVE the rolls in the 6 month portion. Cute!


What a beautiful and happy baby she is!


Oh, that made me cry. How wonderful.


Loved it! Thanks for sharing.


That was so cute! Something about that song mixed with baby cuteness was definitely tear-jerking. And oh my god, when Ichabod sniffed Katy's face and she just looked so blissed out, I don't know, something about that was so beautiful it totally made me cry. Love this video, Jessamyn - nice job!


Oh, Jessamyn...thank you!

I'm in the middle of writing my last paper of the semester for grad school and wanting to put my head through the computer screen with exhaustion and frustration. I took a break just to see if you'd posted something...and it was just the sweet something I needed to put me back in a good frame of mind.

Thank you!


That is my favorite Andrew Bird song. And I should have known better than to watch that with pregnancy hormones coursing through my veins.

Rosemary Grace

Wow! Getting the music to swell right where she lifts up and crals towards the cat was very tear-jerking! The nose-to-nose is my favourit bit. I have photos of my big sister at a similar age checking out my parents cat in the same way!

Your family makes me look forward to parenthood.


I can't believe how dark her hair was! Such a cute little butterball - thanks for sharing, even though you made me cry!


Oh sure, make the pregnant lady cry, whydontcha.



Jessie, I loved watching this. I think what I love about it most is how even at, like 2 months old, it seems (to someone who's never actually met her) that Katie was already so totally ... Katie. Her hair has changed and her body has grown, but her face and her smile and those eyes were there all along. It's just sort of miraculous and beautiful to me.

Christi Richardson

What a sweet, delightful little personage!! It was awesome watching her change like that, and walking at ten months..WOW!! What a brilliant child!!


Oh, so beautiful! I'm also VERY impressed with Katie's little thunder thighs...I think they might have my Charlotte's thighs beat.

Now I have to go download my own video...

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