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December 08, 2006



The way I post video directly to the blog is to copy in the Embed HTML verbage at the bottom of the screen under "Edit Video". She is truly adorable!


My GOD - that is one cute kid.


Yikes! Sorry. I just have a blogspot blog so maybe it's different? It is the cutest movie, I keep thinking about her rolling her eyes! Mine is only 1.5 so we are not quite to the eye rolling stage yet. :)

Jackie Danicki

Jessamyn, her cuteness and intelligence and imagination are all breaking my heart. You're so lucky! (So is she.)

BTW, I meant to email you and tell you this, but earlier this week, I had a dream about you guys and Katie. In it, Katie had a baby brother called Hedwig. Make of that what you will.


Oh my gosh, Jessie. I have been reading you for a looonnnggg time now and that just made my heart melt. I grinned like a fool through the entire video and I think I enjoyed it as much as a video of my own son.

Thanks so much for sharing that. That girl is amazing.


Don't tell anyone, BUT, I have 7 nieces and Katie is the cutest, most engaging little girl. I hope someday she will be able to tell you what a ball-yation is.


You did an awesome job with that video. Your text is hilarious. Katie is absolutely fantastic. I got such a big laugh watching it.


Thanks, everyone! (And no problem, Joanne - I was hoping it would work! And this post was mostly just to link to the video, so I didn't actually lose any text I will miss.)


I love Katie's mind and how she gets so exasperated with you not understanding the Ball-yations. Sheesh Mom! Ha! Thanks for sharing.


I've been reading you for forever, and that video of Katie was just entirely too precious! And very well-constructed, I must say.

More! More! :)


That video was awesome! I hope you post more of these. Katie is just too funny. That smile! What a darling girl!

Betsy Morrison

too cute!


The finger water was my favorite :o)

What a girl!


oh MY gosh, I couldn't stop laughing. The best part is that you'll be able to show this to her when she is older. Or even better to her kids when she is grown. Let me know if the ball-yations ever come back. I was thinking you were pretty clever to figure out dalmations until you were so firmly corrected.


What an adorable little girl!!! You are so lucky to have her -- and based on what I've been reading for the past 2 years, she's beyond lucky to have you and Geoff -- she's blessed.


She's sooo cute!! And has a lot to share! Thanks for making that, Katie. I've been a long time reader, too. What software did you use to make that? Great job! Peace and Blessings to you and yours.

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