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November 10, 2006



Oh, dear, I'm the one who got all philosophical about the sperm/egg thing. Inserting foot in mouth. If I can start over I will just offer a hug and the prayer of confidence that it will happen! (((big hugs)))


Aw, Krista, I really didn't mean you specifically. I have heard the same idea from several people, in comments, in emails, and a few times in person. And I mean it, I do appreciate the sentiment, because I know it comes from a good place - and I know you (and others) were just trying to make me feel better. I wanted to explain why it didn't, though. Thanks for the hugs! :)


I always look at it like this: Life is not a choose-your-own-adventure book. We don't miss what we don't know because when we get to the "end" we can't flip back and see what we would have had and we don't miss what could have been because we just don't know.

And no, it really doesn't help even though it's well-meant, it just doesn't.


Although I don't know you, I've been reading your blog for about two years now. I discovered it through Erin's Lose the Buddha who I discovered from a friend...all this to say I enjoy your blog, and your words and your honesty. There's nothing I can say except that when I read this my stomach fell for you...that kind of odd feeling when you're disappointed and sad and it just hurts... it's sad. I'll be thinking of you. Jenny


All I can say is that I understand. Wanting a child and not being able to have one is such a difficult thing. And it doesn't make it any less so that you already have Katie.
What most people don't understand is that it's only in part the wanting. It's also the uncertainty and the anxiety and the feeling that you are going to have to keep going through this month after month after month and you really don't know what or when the resolution will be.
It all just sucks and I'm so sorry that you are in the middle of it and everything you're feeling is perfectly natural, even though it's hard to let yourself feel that way.

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