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November 13, 2006



I've weighed more than I'm happy with for many years, and I've always been a little reluctant to be photographed.

However, I finally realized that I'd rather be the smiling, happy person in the photograph, than the cranky, self-conscious one, or the one who's not in any photographs at all.

So, I smile. Big. :-)


Well, now "I" have tears in my eyes, too! Thanks for such a wonderful story :)


I know what it's like to despise photos of yourself. But (cheerful topic) I recently read an article of a woman trying to make a photo album after her sister's sudden death in a car accident, for her sister's family. And how few photos she had of her sister with her teenage children. Terrible though the thought is, it could be any day, y'know? And especially where my children are concerned: they certainly would rather have a photo of fat mom than none at all.


I think your mother-in-law looks beautiful in that picture with the oh so beautiful Katie :)


I have tears in my eyes too! That is such a sweet story!

Part of why I love having my picture taken is a) my husband is a great photographer, so almost always, I like the shots he takes of me, and b) I always wish I had more pictures of people, so want my picture taken for friends and family to have of me. Being okay with being photographed seems like a form of acceptance and a way to embrace our bodies and ourselves. I feel like it's a beautiful thing to have happy smiling pictures of fun times. I feel sad when my mom doesn't want her picture taken, and always encourage her to just relax and smile, you know?

That's awesome the point you made about being critical of yourself through bad pics even though you wouldn't do that to other people - that is a very good insight and I'll pay attention to that so that I don't feel bad if there's a bad pic of me in the world!


It's a great picture. And there's definitely some family resemblance there! Katie will love to have these to look back on someday.

PS I'm not crazy about being photographed right now because the pregnancy has caused me to gain weight in my face, well all over really, but I can see it most in my face. I'm forcing myself to continue to take photos though because I know I'll look back in wonder someday. But I can see the strained smile on my face and it makes me a little sad.


A note to TB: I always wish I had pregnant pics of my mom but I don't. Keep taking those pics, and smile big whenever you can; I'm sure you're gorgeous!

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