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November 21, 2006



I posted this comment on her journal right after yours! I liked it so much that I'm going to repost it to my blog, too. Here it is:

I am grateful that, somehow, I find myself in a new relationship with a man who thinks I am beautiful and nice and sexy and hot and wants to be with me every minute of every day, and would if our lives would allow it. And he wants to take me on vacations and spend money on me and he makes me feel treasured and valuable, and it’s been a long time since I’ve felt that way.

Also, I am grateful for the best sister that anyone could ask for (she feeds me dinner once a week, just as an excuse for me to be able to come over and spend time with her and get a good meal in me at the same time) and great friends who make me laugh on a daily basis with their weird senses of humor. I’m also grateful for my house full of animals who all have their own interesting personalities.

And I’m happy to have the chance to share my gratitude in my blog and in here. And of course I’m happy to have great journals/blogs to read while I’m *cough* working. :)


I'd love to be able to be grateful for the things you are: A great husband, a lovely daughter, a family around you. In the absence of that, I'm grateful (really!) for my sanity in a year of loss and chaos that I had hoped would turn out to be a year of victories. And for my little white dog. And the cats. And the victory of the Democrats. And the fact that God is one of them/ us.


I'm grateful that Kevin's new job seems to be making him so happy. I hate that we're living 5 hours apart right now, but hopefully it wont take long for our house to sell and we'll be driving each other bonkers again! ;)


I'm grateful for the world of internet moms who made me feel less lonely as I adjusted to stay at home motherhood, and now just provide wonderful reading material. I'm grateful for the love in my family. I'm grateful for stumbling along a new journal to read. Your daughter is beautiful.


I am grateful for YOU, pottymouth! And that I will be seeing you next week!


I'm grateful for my own tiny affectionate blonde daughter and loving husband and for the promotion I'm embarking on this week and for my tiny, brand new niece born almost two weeks ago, for my whole family, good friends, health, and special writer-photographer-lawyers who share their lives with us on the internets. ;-)


I'm grateful for my job, and for the opportunity to get back on solid footing this year. For the strong friendships that have kept me going since my divorce last year. For the pleasures of having my own apartment, a cozy place to curl up and rest. It's been a really good year.

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