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October 22, 2006



Her version of River is lovely isn't it?

Sounds like a good night. All you need is some warm spiced cider... mmmm :o)

Chicago Chick

Hey - It's Irene from the Jane Addams Photography Program (now the Chicago Photo Center). It's not too early to listen to Christmas songs. I'm thinking I may do the same if it will make me feel like you do - like no matter what, everything is going to be okay.


In my book, it's never too early for Christmas music. I usually pop a CD in the first time it hints at being cold. Christmas music is cozy and comforting -- there's never anything wrong with that.


Beautiful pumpkin picture - I love both of them! :)



Ooh, thanks for passing along the tidbit about S.M. having a Christmas album out! I always buy at least one new CD of Christmas music each year and was happy to see that James Taylor has one, too. :-)

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