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June 08, 2006



I went through the same process. For awhile, I disliked my job, but I was good enough at it to know we could depend on the paycheck. And we really needed the paycheck. Then things changed, and our priorities changed, and we didn't need the paycheck as much. Which gave me the breathing room to figure out other options.

It's funny because when several things were less than perfect, the job didn't bother me that much. I was too focused on everything else to really care that much about the job. I knew it wasn’t great, but it was the least of my worries. When everything improved, the glaring mediocrity that was my job stood out in sharp contrast to everything else and made the job so much less bearable.


I understand. I'm in a similar place.


Even though everything else in your life is going well, you still deserve to be in a job that makes you happy. It's no fun to dread going to work in the morning or not be fulfilled by what you do.
I hope you find something great.


And this is how time flies by, right? It's so hard, how do you take the time to get out of a situation that you can't stand? I think it would be worth it to pursue something that would make you happier, because I'm always afraid of just waking up one day and saying 'that's it. I'm not going anymore'. You deserve to be happy in every facet of your life right? Why not? What's that Nelson Mandela quote about you may think who am I to be gorgeous, etc., etc., but really it's who are you NOT to be?


You know, that old diary-x entry was the one I was thinking of when I was commenting on your entry before your 'taking comfort' one. It is so wise, and so well written, and it had such an effect on me, and I think about it even now, when going through career upheavals (as I seem to do constantly). I'm glad it's back.


I know exactly what you mean about motherhood making you come full circle. I'm there right now.

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