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May 26, 2006



I'm happy you posted -- this entry was especially right for me to read just now. Thanks.


Since you asked for topic requests, I'd love to hear how you feel about living in a condo with a newborn. Everyone I know who has a baby leaves the city for the suburbs. My husband and I are thinking of having a baby. Does this mean we have to sell our condo? Move to the suburbs? Get a Volvo??? I'd love to hear what you think about city living while raising a baby. Is dragging a stroller up the stairs the nightmare that I think it is? Do you worry about Katie being too loud for the neighbors? Is it a bummer not having a backyard for Katie to play in?

As for today's entry, I was in your place a year ago. I had a great job that I was really good at, that paid well and didn't require insane amounts of time. But I didn't love it and that depressed me. So I quit, and I work now for a hell of a lot less, but it is so, so worth it and I am so much more happy. Like you said, you spend a lot of hours at the job. If you can find a way to spend those hours being happy instead of just tolerating the passing of the hours, you will be in a much better spot.

Having said that, I know how hard it is to leave, especially when you have a family to consider. Good luck.


I can relate to what I think you're saying. Mild depression now and then afflicts me, and when it does, it helps to try and "live in the now". So much dissatisfaction comes from regetting the past, or wishing for a certain sort of future. Take a moment at the end of each day to reflect on one thing you did, or achieved that day. No matter how small a thing it was, if you did it well. or just as best you could, tell yourself "well done for...." If you did anything you felt bad about, or if you neglected to do something you meant to do, well tomorrow is another day, don't waste time beating yourself up. Sheesh, I should go into politics...


Jessamyn, you could write about how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and I'd love to read it. Everything you write makes me happy, because, well, I just love you!

I just wanted you to know that! :)


I sort of feel the same way about my career. I just always assumed that I would be at home with my baby by now, so in the last year or two, my job was just a job. Now, we are in a state of suspended animation with respect to having a baby and I'm quitting my job in two weeks when we move. This seems like a great chance to rejuvenate, find something I really love that will be more fulfilling.
I think what you're feeling is more normal and prevalant among working mothers than you think. I can't imagine how hard it is to do what you do and I understand how it leaves you with more questions than answers sometimes. I'm feeling the same things, for different reasons.
I love the way you are able to articulate your feelings (which so often strike a chord with me) through your writing. Thanks.


You said exactly how I feel about exercise and 'dieting' or eating healthy. It all sounds good in your head - planning it etc. but when push comes to shove - it doesn't happen. I'm starting to learn that I'm not the only one out there this happens to. Good or bad at least I don't feel alone.


I am so happy to see you writing - we honestly don't care what you write about ... we just love your writing. Keep it coming!!!


I wonder if there's a way that you could submit your writings to a magazine like Oprah's? Or put all of your writings together into a book?
You're such a talented writer and artist!

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