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March 07, 2006



Ah, that is a beautiful letter to a beautiful (and very lucky) little girl. (And I know how you feel about losing your entries -- I lost a bunch too in that crash. Sigh.)


This is a really great thing that you do for Katie. I'm sorry that you lost some of the things you wrote for her. I don't keep a journal or a blog. I'm not sure why. I guess because I don't want everyone to know the real me. I'm afraid I'll be too emotional or something I guess. I was so afraid of the 'terrible twos' lol My Katie never really went through them. She was a very good child. So when Sophie turned two, I was like 'Oh whatever. I don't believe in them' OMG! She is a total nut! Not really a bad girl, just ornery! Doing some of the things you described. Dumping things like cups or her food. Ripping of her pull-ups and running around naked. And me praying that she didn't use the bathroom anywhere. And picking on her sister! She pulled Katie's hair one time and we sat her in the chair and told her to sit there until we said she could get up. After a couple of minutes I told her ok. The first thing she did was run over and pull Katie's hair again, and then went over and sat back in the chair! I had to turn my head cause I was laughing so hard! Poor Katie! It wasn't really funny, but she's just ornery like that all the time now. And when we're home alone and I'm doing laundry I make sure my cell phone is in my pocket for fear that she'll lock me in the basement and I'll need to call for reinforcements lol But on the other hand, she is also a very compassionate and polite child. If you cough or sneeze she'll say 'You ok Mama?'. Or if you fill her sippy she'll say thank you. And hug you when she can tell you're sad. They're amazing. And I think your dad will be confident in knowing that he did instill those qualities in you and Josh. I don't know you personally, but some things you can just tell about a person. Mainly by some of the things you write about. But I do know Josh possesses those qualities and they are what makes me happy to be his friend. You are a great mom and I'm sure Katie will grow up to be just as great herself :)


Thank you for sharing! Happy Birthday to Katie-she is beautiful!


What a beautiful piece of writing. Thanks for sharing it with your readers. You must be so incredibly proud of Katie... she is just a wonderful girl!


Oh Jess, this took my breath away. This is such a wonderful letter to Katie and I know one day she is going to cherish it. She sounds so precocious and lovely. I've always thought she is a beautiful baby and she's turning into an even prettier little girl. You and Geoff should be so proud. Congrats on year two! It keeps getting better!


What a lovely letter. What a lovely relationship!


That was just beautiful Jessamyn! I'm sorry you lost those entries. That would make me sad as well. Thanks for sharing your heart and Katie with us all.


I love your writing, whatever the topic. But when you write about motherhood, about Katie, there is a glow and a sparkle. It's just lovely.


Gawd, that letter was wonderful. As a Mom, it made me cry inside. I'll be writing a similar letter in about 6 months to my "baby" ....she's beautiful, Jess.


Happy Birthday, Katie. And Jessamyn, Happy Birthday to you too. Without such a wonderful and beautiful mother, Katie wouldn't be the happy girl she is at two.

Pssst...and Happy Birthday to Geoff, too.


I am so sad you lost your diary-x stuff. That really blows. I am very glad though, that Katie was born two years ago (TWO?) and she gets to have you and Geoff for her parents. Happy birthday sweet girl!



I lost my new daughter's journal site when d-x crashed-- including some journal entries I'd addressed to her. I found months 2 and 3, but lost month 1 forever, I'm afraid. And I've cried over it, too.

But because your journal is older, you might have a chance of digging it up at one of the internet archive sites-- for example:*/

Good luck! I found a few of my oldest entries there, but I blocked search engines on d-x a couple of years ago and so didn't find anything after I did that.

Hope you find some things you thought you'd lost.

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