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March 14, 2006



Jessamyn, I just have to say that I love the way you write. There is so much feeling in it that I sometimes feel like I am inside your head. Thank you for letting us into your life. And it'd be an incomplete comment if I didn't tell you how gorgeous Katie is. She just seems like such a joyful, spirited child.


I recently moved back to Indy after living in California for 8 years! It's been quite the transition. Things are a lot cheaper here. Be aware when you're house hunting that you some places in Indy have MUCH higher property taxes, and that even the low ones aren't all that low. They are comparative to our California taxes!! Then again, it's nice to have 6% sales tax instead of 8.75% on everything you buy.

I don't know how different the sites are, but is the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors website. Might be something more there that isn't on, and it's also local to the Indy area.

Happy hunting, let me know if I can be of any help! House hunting Long distance is a pain in the arse, and then you have to schedule a million of them when you are in town for a visit.

Was it worth it? TOTALLY. I can spend 20 minutes in the car to visit my family and friends istead of 8 hours in airports and planes!


I love Moo Bah La La La!


That last sentence really speaks to me. I know what you mean.
In our quest to have a child, I sometimes think "could I be happy with my life if it never happens?".
I have a good life, a beautiful home, pets that give me a lot of joy, a husband who I love more than I ever imagined I could, a job that pays my bills even if it doesn't fulfill me creatively but a wonderful creative outlet online. It should be enough, but it just isn't right now.
I do want more. And sometimes I do feel greedy about that.


I can totally relate! I have lots of great things in my life, but there are always other things that I want for myself or for my boyfriend and me. I can also understand the feeling that you're talking about when the time comes for you to try your hand at photography or writing or both and how it seems like your big chance. I quit my full time job last summer to start a freelance photography business because the time was right, and it's been scary and frustrating and also exhiliarating at the same time. I haven't managed to make enough money with it to quit the part time job I picked up in the interim working at a camera store, but people tell me it takes time. I'm sure when your time comes, you'll make it good!


I don't think it's greedy at all to want more. It's what makes life exciting. Gives you something to look forward to, something to strive for, makes you feel alive! To be able to squeeze Katie more often, who wouldn't want that?! :) So I'm guessing you, and Geoff, and Katie moving closer to your parents and Josh would make them ecstatic! And best of luck to you and Geoff in your searches!


I think people naturally want more, and that's not a bad thing. As longlostfriend said, it gives you something to strive for, and it doesn't mean you're not content with your life. In the middle of dreams and hopes for the future, though, it's wonderful to stop and appreciate what you have now.
I moved from Chicago to Indianapolis several years ago--feel free to e-mail if there's anything I can help with! Finding a good bagel here is MUCH harder, but there are other benefits. :)


Oh, do move to Indianapolis. I moved back here a few years ago from NYC and am, overall, happy about it. I do stay home with my babe and there's no way I could if we still lived east.


Edelweiss is one of my favorite lullaby songs, too. It touches me thinking that I'm singing it here in my time zone and an hour or two later you're singing it in Chicago. "Small and white, clean and bright. . ." :-)

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