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November 15, 2005


Rosemary Grace

I'm glad you're writing!

Also glad for you that it wasn't a broken or fractured ankle, those can be tricksey.


Glad to see you writing again! SO very glad your ankle wasnt broken.

I actually know what you mean about being completely vulnerable. I had sinus surgery earlier this year and one night, after two complication-free weeks, my nose began to bleed and wouldnt quit. In the process of getting blood work done, deciding whether I'd lost enough for a blood transfusion and me sobbing/begging the Dr not to pack it again, you wouldnt believe the looks poor Kevin got. We were both covered in blood, as were two towels in our laps. I'm sure everybody around us thought he probably hit me as I still had black eyes from the surgery. Agh. It was awful. Over a silly bloody nose.


Can I just say I completely understand? I was just writing about moods the other day and that's exactly how I was feeling.


Just being redundant: Glad you're back and on the mend! I check ABOG everyday.


Add me to the glad you're writing group. You amaze me with your insights.

Sometimes a sprain is worse than a break because the only thing that can fix it is time and care. Hope you and your accessory (is it a purse or a scarf?) bone feel better soon.


Hurrah! I'm glad it wasn't a break and they gave you a walking cast because - hell, it is SO difficult to do the simplest things when encumbered by crutches (ie make a cup of tea - wonder how you're going to carry it to where you want to sit and drink it, whilst using said crutches etc). I had almost 9 months of it once and whilst it makes you inventive it gets old REALLY quickly lol.

As to the rest, well your writing makes all the difference to your readers (as do your photos and sharing of your beautiful girl). It's strange when you consider that I (at least) 'visit' my on-line reads pretty much daily - which is more than I ever do with quite a lot of my real-life friends lol. Quite an achievement!


"maybe we spend our whole lives learning about spatial relationships, wavering between those days when we feel far away from everything and those other days when we feel almost claustrophobic with the closeness of it all."

I'm not a drama queen, but that statement just broke me down. It's so perfect, tears are welling up and I don't know why. It's been said, but can definately be said again. Thank YOU for writing!

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