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September 09, 2005



I live about two hours north of NYC so I get there a few times a year.

Some of my favorites-
I loved this tour. Walking, eating, history- it was great fun though pricey.

Staten Island ferry- cheap but fun. You get to see the Statue of Liberty and take pictures.

Ellis Island Museum. The exhibits and oral histories are fascinating. The same ferry that takes you to the Statue of Liberty continues on to this site. It is expensive to take the ferry and often time consuming while waiting to get on. Might not be the best use of time for a short trip.

The Metropolitan Museum- susggestion pick 1-4 exhibits, eras, etc. and focus on them. We get overwhelmed trying to do too much at once and end up not enjoying/appreciating what we are seeing.
Great used and new books stores. Have lists of authors/titles you are looking for or it is overwhelming.

Cheap (or rather discount not cheap) tickets to Broadway and off-Bdwy shows.

Have fun.


Oh, you HAVE to go to Serendipity. Yes, the place where Kate Beckinsdale and John Cusak had FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE actually exists. Really, FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE. Need I say more? Carnagie Deli is good food... if you don't mind sitting on top of your neighboring table.


Oh you lucky girl! From the website "Laura's New York City Tales", here is an insider's guide to New York City:

Her site is chock-full of interesting tidbits.

Have a wonderful time!


so strange that i woke up and read this post. i, too, am planning a child free weekend with friends in nyc the last weekend in september. i am completely nervous about it. and have been doubting if i should go or not. i was up from 3am til 5:30 worrying about this in bed.

i have been to nyc many, many times both alone and with friends. i have a friend who lives in brooklyn and a sister in law who lives there too. before i had a son, i would visit my friend for weekends almost once a month. i have driven from providence to nyc alone, taken buses, taken subways, walked and walked around. i don't know why i'm so nervous this time. jake will be fine with my husband, but i haven't been away from him for more than 8 hours. i'm concerned about how he'll do, but i'm more concerned (worried) about how i'll do.

i totally need to get away. i haven't had a day off in 20.5 months! and jake needs to know he exists without me.

thank you for your dotmoms post. right now i feel like and can and want to go!


Hello! I havent' written in ever, but have been reading for years. (Thank you for that!) You actually came and saw a show I helped write in Chicago years back. I live in NYC now, and if you let me know what kind of stuff you're looking to do/explore - I'd be happy to give suggestions!

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