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August 11, 2005


Bozoette Mary

Mmmmm...that cake looks really yummy!


You are just so lovely, Jessamyn. What a gorgeous birthday.


Jessie, what beautiful pictures. Happy belated birthday. I know this will be an amazing year for you. You are a superstah!


Can you tell me what lens specifically? I know someone who needs one for his birthday too.


Sure, it's a Canon EF 50 mm f/1.4 USM (the USM stands for ultra sonic motor, apparently)!


I can't get over how beautiful Katie is and am looking forward to new photo's with the lens. I'm glad your b-day was special and surprising. Much like you. Nice to see a Mom & Stepmom who will be in the same space together.

Robin P

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
It is so nice when all the people you love are around you. It's a good feeling to reconnect.
I was so touched by the people who came to my 40th birthday and I wrote a group letter as a thank you note mentioning everyone. Some of my friends are new. Some old. Some of my friends are my family. Quite a few of them didn't know everyone so I mentioned how I met them (briefly) and what their friendship has meant to me over the years. Everyone called to say how touched they were and how much they loved that letter. It's just an idea for a thank you note.
Birthdays are special. I'm glad yours was a day to remember!


Happy Late Birthday! Looks like you had a much-deserved fabulous time. :)


You take beautiful photos. It takes a special person to see so much of the divine in everyday things.

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