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August 16, 2005



Good luck with your class. What a sweet, thoughtful gift. And your new lens--what a great present. Could you please tell your husband to post on his blog, I was really enjoying his posts. :) You can do it Geoff. Throw away the Almond Joy's and come back to the joys of weight loss blogging. :)

Bozoette Mary

Please do tell us all about it! It sounds like a great class.

Amy Steier

I didn't even realize you live in Chicago! I'm in Chicago, too. It's a small world, really.

Laurie was it??


Yeah, I'd like to hear how it went, too! I've been thinking of trying the same place...hope it was cool.


Congratulations on a great present! And I have to say, as I don't mind being bold :-) , that after reading your journal for three years (including the archives) I am sure you'll do great!!!


Do you realize how absolutely beautiful you and your family are? I've been following your journal for a couple of years now and just recently read more of the archives. If Katie has inherited only half of your beutiful soul, she'll grow into a strong, lovely young woman who will change a significant part of the world for the better.


I stumbled on your site from dotmoms. I'm a Chicago lawyer/mom also. And I would love to write. I had never heard of the Chicago Story Studio - I'll have to look into it. I struggle with my writing because I want to do well and I'm afraid I'm not good enough. I share your anxiety about taking the step of actually walking into a class full of people. I recently took an online class from Gotham Writers Workshop ( and it was great. A lot less anxiety being on the internet instead of in person!

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