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July 08, 2005



Good luck Jessamyn, doing it for yourself is the best motivator and the best reward!


i've been walking at least two miles, about half an hour, each day for bout four months now, the pounds have come off really slow, but that's good, eh? usually i stop at a park on the way home from work and getter done. on weekends i go to different sites and get a little break from the routine. i haven't done anything with diet yet. eat whatever i want. my goal, subject to change, is to lose 27 pounds, i made it to 15 relatively easily, seems to be harder now; go figure. i find it pleasurable to move my body through space. i be grinning at times. half hour a day is now much; i try to go longer a couple of days just for the fat-burning. it seems the older i have gotten, the harder it is to lose weight. love you jess, dad


You go, girl. I'm right there with you. I'll be thinking about your while I'm lifting weights and shedding ass!

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