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June 05, 2005



as much magic as this place holds, the new place will hold even more. your new home will most likely be the first home Katie remembers feeling at home herself. how exciting that will be!!!

take care of you---cant wait for updates from the new place!



What a sweet entry! That's so touching. You make me want to cry... and have a baby! heh There is a lot of love in your family, and you're carrying that love and magic to your new place. I'm sure you'll love living in your house. It's so nice to have those sweet memories to look back on, too. I love your writing, Jessamyn!


Congratulations, you three. (And pets!) Every place has its memories, and love will make them all.


I went back to my hometown this weekend and drove past my old house. We moved there a week before my first birthday. A wave of sadness passed as I looked at my old house - someone else's cars in the driveway. But then, I smiled. This house was as much a part of my family as any of the people that lived in it. It looks so small now, which is strange because then it seemed so huge. I will forever remember and love my home - just as Katie will love her new one. Good luck.


That was beautiful and it DID make me cry. Congratulations on your new home and your memories to come.


Your wonderful memories from your old home will never fade! Now you get to start fresh as a family in a new place. Hope the move went well and can't wait to hear about the new digs!

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