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June 16, 2005



Oh, what a sweet and poignant newsletter. I am getting much too emotional over here. Jessie, you understand the mind of a baby so well. I love you too baby Katie! Especially the smoocher in the last picture.


Wow, Jessie, I've always thought that you have an amazing way with words, but your letters to Katie take the cake. She is such a lucky little girl to have these to read when she gets old enough.

Thanks for sharing them with us too!



Lovely entry.

Re: painting Katie's room -- I didn't help with the painting of Gabrielle's room because I was expecting her at the time, but I did put clear Winnie the Pooh themed decals on the wall behind her changing table (two nights before her birth as it turned out). Every time she pats one, smiles at one, etc. it reminds me of when I put them up, before I knew her for real, and the memory + her enjoyment makes me so happy.

I can totally sympathize regarding tiny little girls who don't believe in reasonable bedtimes. It's been hot here and that plus the late sunset doesn't make for early bedtimes.


Mike Harris

Oh, my gosh, Jess, this was such an immensely beautiful letter ...


I love your way with words! I have been reading your journal for so many years now... I'm not sure that I have ever left a comment, though. You are amazing.

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