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May 20, 2005



Oh Jess! I went through ALL of that. Excited/scared/dread/on & on & on!! Take a DEEP breathe and enjoy it, as much as you possibly can, and do NOT feel bad for whatever emotions you are going through. You should never apologize for how you feel. They are your feelings. Own them.


Hi Jessamyn. I must de-lurk and comment. My husband and I are going through the same thing right now, only we're waiting to hear if our home offer was accepted. And I must tell you that every emotion you are feeling, I am feeling. I just want to cry, and I think that that's okay, as crying often makes us feel better. Congrats to you and Geoff for getting this far, and I wish you much happiness in your new home. And pass the Kleenex when you're finished, okay? :o)


This pain will pass like that of childbirth, which indeed is a good analogy. Getting loans always has a way of making you feel small and out of control. Congratulations on the new place! You can cry now . . . :-)


The thing that I dislike about money is that there is so much judgement and morality tied into it, which is completely absurd.

I'm sorry this is a stressful, ambivilant time for you. But all leaps and risks feel that way, don't they?

Soon, your home will be uniquely yours, and full of your own personalities, hopefully banishing the negative feelings this whole loan process has brought about.

Congratulations on your new home!



By the time you read this comment, I hope that congratulations are in order. :-) Have a good, de-stressing cry once it's all over and you've signed your name a really ridiculous number of times on forms you don't have time to read thoroughly. Best, best wishes in your new home.


Rayne of Terror

Congrats Congrats! There is nothing like going into YOUR home for the first time when it's empty and there is no realtor peeking over your shoulder. Cry, roll around on the carpeting, doesn't matter cause it's your place.


" And after that, if it's all gone well, I think that I will cry. Is that ok?"



So completely our lives parallel. We closed on a house today too. At 4:00. And I still haven't processed it. We're the proud owners of 2...count 'em 2... houses! So, we're stuck in the new house excitement v. the old house selling dread.

Take a deep breathe. Relax. Cry if you have to. But enjoy your new home too. Sit and look around. I hope that everything went smoothly with the closing and you're enjoying the view out of new windows tonight.


Congratulations Jessie! This is wonderful news. I can't wait to see pictures of the new home you and Geoff and Katie will make. Oh and Molly too.


I get a raging case of buyer's remorse just from buying an article of clothing over $50, so I can't imagine how I would feel if it were an entire *house* we were talking about. (smile) But just wait until you move in and make that place your "own." You will feel MUCH better. Congratulations!!

verzekering belgie

I think problems come without the knocks at your door. However absolutely critical issue is to find out the best you can give to solve for the challenge you have.I would never recommend you to cry but try for the best.Good luck.


Belgie, it's been almost 4 years now since we bought our place. I was able to not only cry but ALSO to "try for the best!" Both at once!

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