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May 22, 2005



I'm just so happy for you guys. Beautiful photo, too.


Ahh the priming, the painting...home ownership at it's smelliest!

Congrats! I'm so happy for you. And that is a really beautiful photo.


Looks like you have completed the Triple Crown of adulthood - Husband, Baby, House. Congratulations.


I'm glad it all went well!
When I read your previous post on closing it reminded me of closing day on my first home but I decided not to tell the story because it wasn't the right time.
In Italy at closing you exchange contracts and keys in front of a notary and it's V. official.
Well, closing is at 3pm and it's noon and I am in my kitchen because I lost my job the previous week (which is bad enough) and I feel bad because my dad's just had surgery but he's insisted on travelling 200 miles to beg there with me.
The phone rings, and a female voice says "Hello, it's X from the Notary office. The Notary has passed on last night, but we managed to find someone to cover his appointments for today, are you ok to go ahead with the closing?".
It didn't register at first so I just said yes and hung up. Then nerves took over and I giggled hysterically for a couple of hours, calling all my friends and obviously my dad, who jokingly said "No notary will ever want to work with you again!".
We did sign and I moved in the following week, but I certainly didn't need the added stress!
However, there's an episode of ER where the same thing happens (although it's more dramatic) so I have something in common with Nurse Hathaway - shame it isn't snogging George Clooney!
Lots of happines in the new home!

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