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September 10, 2004



This just made my day! I was surfing the net for some info about how much my six-month old should be sleeping (even though babies never know what they "should" be doing)and your letter popped up. Katie at six months is so much like Caleb, even down to their lengths and weights! I wish I could write him a letter as lovely as yours -- maybe I'll just plagiarize it :-) Six months is such a wonderful age. I wish I could keep him this way forever, and yet I'm so looking forward to all his growing up. Being a mom is the most awesome thing I've ever done or will ever do in my life.



This is a beautiful letter to your daughter, I too have a six month old daughter and she is perfect, she is wonderful and in every way and this letter just touched my heart. Your little girl is precious, and I too cant believe how fast the time goes by.

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